Howdy everyone, I’m James. James

I’m in my early thirties, I’ve recently moved to the UK with my wife, Julie (who likes to contribute to the site occasionally too) but we both are originally from the US.

I proudly refer to myself as a guru here on the site as I’ve been through my fair share of neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and back pain from living a non-ergonomic lifestyle for most of my life.

I’ve nearly adapted a fully ergonomic lifestyle in the last couple of years due to a neck injury I developed from all those years of not taking much notice of how I was sitting at my desk.

To save you all going through my journey, (it’s not pleasant, it cost me quite a bit financially and mentally dealing with my neck injury). Now, I advocate ergonomically designed furniture that can help all of us keep our health in check and make us more comfortable in the mean time, and more sane.

I wish I had bought ergonomic furniture earlier so if you are thinking about it, stop thinking and buy one, first and foremost, an ergonomic chair and you can add to your collection after that, including ergonomic keyboards, mouses and more. I won’t get into the details about it here, browse through the site for more info.


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