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The human body is meant to operate efficiently from an upright position, but how many of us really keep an upright position after hours sitting on a computer? So what does this mean? Our body isn’t working efficiently! Not only that, but if you put 1 + 1 together, it’s not healthy either!

You breathe in and process oxygen better when you keep your spine in a straight position, and this helps you avoid a host of other health problems as well.

Ideally, your ‘sitting medium’ (i.e your chair) should allow you to keep your spine straight and keep your elbows parallel to your knees, which should form a perpendicular angle with the floor (e.g the whole purpose of me writing about ergonomics is essentially down to this concept). Sitting this way (ergonomically) spares you all the manner of pains and aches that come as a part of bad posture for eight hours a day whilst you sit at your computer desk, whether working or for leisure.

The reason why I say sitting ‘medium’ instead of ‘chairs’ is because your options for ergonomic chairs isn’t limited to traditional ergonomic office chairs, you have an exercise ball office chair which we will discuss here but you also have the option of a kneeling stool aswell.

Not your current sitting arrangement? Then you are the perfect customer for a new balance ball office chair; I purchased the Gaiam office ball chair as an alternative to a traditional desk chair and here is my input regarding using one.

For Your Information:

  • The Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs are the #1 best selling brand in ball chairs.
  • However, another popular brand is the Isokinetics ball chair. Apart from slight differences in chair design and colors, they both work exactly the same and provide the same functions. It’s up to you to decide which you prefer but generally the information I have provided below on the Gaiam ball chair is applicable to ball chairs in general, whichever of these two brands you decide on.

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The health benefits of this type of ergonomic chair, are not only on your oxygen intake and spine correction, but they also allow you to build  your core muscles and burn more calories.

Core muscles, you remember those?! They are the muscles that hold your body together, helping you perform everyday activities such as sitting, walking and lifting things with relative ease.

Of course, to fine-tune them takes to spending a lot of time in the gym, of which, you have little time for since you are a busy executive. So why not just use one of these instead?

My Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review

I believe the person that created these is really smart, to design a chair that lets you improve your posture, treat your back pains, keep them away and work your core muscles, while doing what you do best – click away at your desk and answering your emails is simply a divine invention.

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Sound interesting?

Well, that’s because it is! Just sit on this yoga ball chair, answer the phone, reply to a few emails and there you have it – a day well spent working out without breaking a sweat, all the while making some money (FYI, they can also be called, a stability ball chair). Easy is the way to do it.

The innovative design of the Gaiam ball chair allows you to assume proper posture at all times – no more back pains, or any other body pains associated with prolonged sitting for that matter.

As I mentioned above, there is also another brand of fitness ball chairs called the Isokinetics ball chair. This is another good brand however, my review today is my experience using what I believe to be the best ball chair: Gaiam Ball Chair.

The Gaiam chair corrects your existing spine imbalances while you tend to your career. Your life will never get easier than this – welcome a new pain free existence and improved work performance.

New Trend

These new fur ball chairs are the new trend in yoga ball office chairs, especially for females. You can purchase the fur ball chair here. Alternatively for males, females and kids, you can buy an ordinary ball chair and also buy a cool exercise ball chair cover, you can view all designs and colors available here; there is endless designs to choose from!

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So What is a Medicine Ball Chair?

It is just that, an ergonomic office chair made out of a ball, well not your everyday ball but the kind that you find littering the floors of fitness centers – balance balls, fitness ball, medicine balls, yoga balls or swiss balls. Some people can use an exercise ball simply like the image below, but I don’t recommend this. The safest way to ensure longevity as a new chair, is to purchase a proper ball chair like I’ve shown above.

An ergonomic ball chair comprises of an inflatable ball that is anchored to a state of the art frame on wheels that is designed to mirror the spine curvature and keep you sitting tall and upright – and healthy. Unlike the gym environment where you have to make an effort to sit on the ball, the back rest on this chair is easy to use and lets you focus at the task at hand – work, it is an office environment after all.

The exercise ball chair not only features a distinctive finish, but also relieves your existing back pains, offering you long term relief that allows you to improve your productivity at work. Wouldn’t be fun to stand up without ever saying ‘Oh my back’, ‘Ouch’, or any manner of painful expressions that have come in your repertoire following years of bad posturing? Yes, it would indeed and this, right here, is the way to go by using a gym ball chair.

Of course, there are other ergonomic chair designs out there, what makes this one special? The therapeutic and core muscle training capabilities makes this one the #1 that it is. This exercise ball as a chair takes away all the hurt and keeps it away by letting you maintain proper posture at all times. Moreover, not only are you strengthening your core, you are more than likely burning more calories than sitting at an ordinary office chair.

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James is my name and I am the 'ergonomics guru'. As I've written on my About Page, for years previous to now, I endured body pains of all sorts; shoulder pain, headaches, neck pain and back pain. I've transitioned my life (and my family's) from a non-ergonomic to ergonomic lifestyle. It's relatively easy if you have the right information. Hopefully this site will answer all the questions and provide all the information you need to live an ergonomic lifestyle too.

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