Best White Office Chairs

A white chair is literally a paragon of class. They look absolutely fabulous if placed in your work area, and help in subliming the look and feel of clean, simple and minimalist decor. They add that extra tinge of style to the office and take your fashion echelon up another notch.

While searching for the perfect white office chair to work with I encountered different types of office chairs. The following whitish variations are by far the best I have come across:

1. High Back White Chair


The BestOffice brand (Check Latest Price) presents this best selling, stunning white office chair. The brand has a reputation for making the most heavenly office chairs you will ever come across. It is a high back chair with the most soothing padding ever. So if you are thinking if this chair lets you sink in it, boy you are going to sink like Titanic! For the backside you get the maximum plush. It is a mix of firm and plush when you are sitting on it. It has superlative upholstery that binds everything together. It lets you bolster on it without any problems. Also, hours of drudgery wouldn’t have any adverse effect on your physical health. This gorgeous White Chair ensures of that.

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Best Selling White Office Chair


Over 2000 verified customer reviews

There is two variants in this style by BestOffice, the one as above and the second most popular as below. Both are made the same with only slight padding design differences.

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Another best selling white chair from BestOffice with a slightly different appearance to the one above. Click Here for More Information, Specs & Best Price


2. White Mesh Desk Chair

(Breathable Mesh)

As contemporary as it gets! Another great chair from BestOffice (Check Latest Price Here), this one retains a super chic design that will have you mesmerized by its beauty and this one sells at under $50 – AMAZING VALUE!!!. It retains flair of stylized mesh all across its padding that provides it an exciting look. With a swivel seat to knock out stiffness that could arise by sitting for prolonged hours, this office chair has been built keeping in mind crucial office ergonomics factors. It is great for mid to upper back region and abates any kind of strain that you are having over time. You can use it as a conference chair or behind the desk chair, the choice is yours. It will embellish your office headquarters nevertheless. This one from BestOffice is currently the best selling white mesh office chair, for more mesh office chairs in white color, you can refer below for some other beautiful mesh chairs. If you would like to read more about Mesh Office Chairs, Click Here

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Breathable Mesh Back and Mesh Seat


Seat Dimensions are 18″(W) x 19″(D), 19 – 23″ Height and Back 17″(W) x 20″(H)


Holds up to 250LB in weight

In addition to the above, as seen below are some more popular white mesh office chairs. Keep in mind, the BestOffice one presented above is the highest rated and best selling. The ones below are still nonetheless popular but vary in price and specifications. Click the images to get more information, specs & best price for each mesh chair featured, otherwise, refer below to view all mesh chairs for sale.

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Of all white mesh office chairs, Flash Furniture has four different models that are very popular. Not only is Flash Furniture a popular brand when it comes to white ones, it’s known for manufacturing quality yet, affordable office chairs. We have featured the brand on ergonomicsgurubefore, showcasing affordable chairs in our affordable ergonomic chairs under $200 and ergonomic office kneeling chairs. All mesh ones below are very popular and are made of high quality mesh fabric. Three come with arm handles, one does not. The different prices reflect this difference and the subtle difference in design of the back of the seats also. The first one also has triple paddle control which the other two chairs do not have, aswell as subtle differences in the design and materials of the bases. Click each image below for further information and best prices of each chair as shown.


Chair With Triple Paddle Control: Click Here for More Information, Specs & Best Price


Simple Task Chair: Click Here for More Information, Specs & Best Price


Chair With Chrome Base: Click Here for More Information, Specs & Best Price


High Back Chair: Click Here for More Information, Specs & Best Price

Other popular mesh office chairs consist of the following from the brands, OfficeStar and Modway. We have already featured excellent office chairs that are ergonomically designed from OfficeStar before, which you can read about here. Both of these types are generally a little more expensive than the previous brands we’ve mentioned above. The reason for this is the subtle differences in design that bring about a more ergonomic environment.


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If none of the above suit you, you can view all mesh ones available below.

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3. Belleze White Office Chair

(Extra Padded Comfort)

If you have been looking for comfort, do not say one more word. Just take a look at this extraordinary creation. Doesn’t it look comfortable? Yes, this inviting chair is what you need in your office right now! It’s as if it’s calling you to jump on it. The upholstery is literally designed for luxury. The padding is simply divine, and it has been manufactured in a plush way so as to give you a soothing sitting experience. Imagine how easily you would be able to finish your work with white office chair (Check Latest Price) supporting you at all times. And yes it is as comfortable as it looks!

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The Bellezza is an ergonomic office chair with pneumatic seat height adjustment and lumbar support.


It has extra soft upholstery which is very comfortable

4. Alera White Chair

(Swivel & Tilt Control)

Another one of those great designs that you may have been hearing all about is this Alera office chair (Check Latest Price). You are definitely going to fall in love with it the moment you see it. It’s product is craftsmanship of some fine engineering. Its slim profile will take your breath-away. Its striking beauty isn’t the only thing that makes it disparate, its comfort level is equally classy. It heals your body when it is in pain, and alleviates every convulsion slowly in the end diminishing it altogether. It features waterfall seat design that is great for your legs too, which further keeps the blood circulation going. In a way it is a recuperative office chair that many of you should be going for right now.

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White-Professional-Office-Chair-2 White-Professional-Office-Chair-3

5. Modern White Chair

Nice and cosy! These are the two words that come to your mind the moment you look at this gorgeous modern chair. This mid-back task chair is exactly the furnishing you need in your office. It is sleek, comfy and immensely modish. It is an enchanting office chair that will leave every onlooker captivated. The steel base at the bottom is very strong and you can feel the strength seeping throughout the chair’s frame, when you actually sit on it. It is very appealing by its looks and comforting by its usage. A highly recommended chair if you want something modern in your office.

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Modern-White-Task-Chair-2 Modern-White-Task-Chair-3

Still can’t find what you are looking for?

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