How to Have an Ergonomic Home

Ergonomics, also known as human factors, did not appeal to me as much… Or so I thought before I started developing headaches and all sorts of “minor” pains in a ridiculously short time gap: 6 years. So I know what you are all thinking is this ‘I’m only 32 years old, I only need to be concerned with posture and ergonomics when I get older’.


If you want to prevent migraines, neck stiffness and back pain, you can actually prevent it now with ergonomic home furniture aswell as ergonomic office furniture.

I have witnessed how office ergonomics improved my condition with mesmerized eyes. That made me think of one thing, why stop on such a good track? Office ergonomics will help only for 6-10 hours (yes, I am roughly picking the average), but the rest of the time we spend at home… Which is why home ergonomics had to be included on the to-do list.

To be clear, I ought to give a warning: ergonomic furniture is a little more expensive than your regular furniture. But, as all of us will notice one day or another, your back’s health, for instance, is priceless, not to mention the costs of the mainly painful surgeries you will have to take on your damaged back, shoulders and other spots under pressure.

It All Starts With Better Posture

Without good posture, your furniture can be as good as it can get and it won’t change anything, since you’ll be neutralizing (or even destroying) all its positive effects. Remember not to strain your back, not to sit like you are a hunchbacked zombie nor to sit straight like a proud metallic pole. You can also try to relax the endangered areas for better results (turn your wrist around, stretch a little etc). Now to the heart of the topic…

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are a must in a home and, even if you have the impression they’ll be stalking you all the way from your office to your house, they help out a lot. We use computers a lot even outside of our office and activities like watching TV also require a chair. Make it an ergonomic chair! It takes care of your arms, shoulders, neck and even feet, allowing you to achieve that 135 recommended standard posture perfectly.

Next on our list are…

Ergonomic Sofas

Ergonomic sofas, surprisingly not as expensive as they sound, allow you relax in a beneficial and comfortable way. There are quite big and impressive models allowing at least 5 people to enjoy the furniture fully.


Surprisingly not as expensive as you might think, ergonomic sofas and recliners are a great investment to your health at home.

Keep in mind that your ideal sofa does NOT make you sink into it and is NOT low. While it may appear as an enjoyable feeling, it hurts hips, knees and back during the time you sit and when you get up. Let’s now follow the furniture that we need at least 5 hours a day: bedroom furniture.

Ergonomic Mattress

An ergonomic mattress is well-designed and clever, with lots of different available options. You can adjust them to whatever height you like, from the upper to the lower part of the bed. Have you ever heard some of your friends confess their bed was hurting their backs and they had to sleep on the floor to make it better?


Buying an ergonomic mattress is not as difficult as you may think and not all that much expensive. If you are a normal sleeper, sleeping between 6-7 hours per night, choosing a mattress that is ergonomic ensures your body is fully rested and you have a good night’s sleep.

Well that problem won’t bother you when you get the right bed as well as ergonomic mattresses to ensure you sleep in the best possible comfort. The mattresses have a variety of shapes that can be rather satisfactory and wherever you have the most pressure can be relaxed thanks to the adapted mattress. By the way, did I describe bedroom accessories such as…

Ergonomic Pillows

Ergonomic pillows? They can look like croissants but they are efficient and help you keep your head right where you want it to be. You will mostly happen by neck pillows and side pillows, you can choose one depending on the way you sleep or just take both if they will be useful in a way.


Ergonomic Pillows come in all different sizes and styles. You don’t have to settle for the foam feel ones, this is an example of a normal looking pillow that is an ergonomic pillow

In the same vibe, I can’t help but tell you about one of my favorites: the ergonomic body pillow. This big pillow might seem like a step back to childhood but it is very recommended for people with injuries or chronic pains.

Ergonomics in the Kitchen

In between our bedroom and our living room, there is another important part I forgot: food, alias the kitchen. Particularly if cooking is your hobby, you should get some ergonomic knives that follow your hand’s shape and take off pressure from your wrists, palm and fingers.


There are so many ways to integrate ergonomics into your daily life and that includes in your kitchen.

For the kitchen, you can also get an ergonomic rug, it will take your feet’s shape and ensure you are comfortable even standing while making meals.

If you’d like to go further in your search for real comfort, you can also take ergonomic shoes, that will help you at home as well as later in the office.

Introducing ergonomic furniture step by step immensely helped me adapt my posture, even when I couldn’t pay much attention to it, you can take that step forward as well and say goodbye to some of the specific pains we have to endure.