Best Lumbar Support Back Pillows For Better Posture

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t have a proper cushion around when you need one? I certainly cannot do anything sitting when I don’t have a proper back pillow to support me. The reason for that is punishing pain that I have often experienced working non-stop for hours.

Recently a friend of mine had to be diagnosed with a serious case of back pain owing to a lack of proper back support on his chair. The physician suggested him to use an ergonomically designed back pillow on his chair to see to it the problem doesn’t aggravate itself. He resorted to a good Lumbar Support Pillow and I must say, things are well under the reins of control for him.

I have recently purchased lumbar support for my chair and ever since that I have stopped complaining. If you too wish to avoid back pain situation from getting out of hand, I will advise you to tag along a good lumbar support to a pain free work experience. I have made you a list of only the best pillows:

  1. Fellowes Back Support: Can any chair lumbar support be as ravishing and useful as the Fellowes product? I doubt that. Not only does it look cool owing to its triangular shaped strapping design, but it works brilliantly too. It is almost a year now since I have purchased this beauty of a product and I haven’t complained ever since. It fits like a glove in the lumbar space giving you the least of strain on the backside. Its mid spinal support is good for your working posture, and you don’t even realize how time flies in a jiffy. I have never found the need to readjust it ever. It keeps your back lumbar region warm for you to concentrate unbothered on your work. I love how Fellowes has given memory foam sections that give you ample cushion even if you push back. Can comfort go better than this?
  1. Travelon Mesh Back Support: Lately the mesh lumbar back supportshave become insanely popular. The fact that they look cool too, makes them no. 1 choice hands down. Travelon brings you an extraordinary mesh back support system that unwinds and attaches on all sorts of places. You could use it at home, work or even in your car. Its easy to use elastic strap attaches on all sorts of chairs. The lumbar support system is extremely good for your body, when you are trying to get relief from back pain and are planning to see results within a week. You can also easily adjust it by moving it up or down based upon the level of comfort you are planning to achieve. Mesh fabric allows constant air flow too, so even if you are swamped with work you and you haven’t budged from your seat, you never actually get all sweaty from behind. In a way, it is just perfect!
  1. Duro-Med Lumbar Back Support Cushion: Ergonomically spot on, Duro-Med’s cushion is like a dream come true for those who are aching everyday in constant back pain. Its design is simply superlative to keep your spine in an upright position. Put it in a chair and it fills in those crucial gaps that a chair is simply incapable of filling. The result is an extraordinary feeling that you get whilst sitting. It is capable of taking all the pressure off your lower back. The shape is such that it helps you to automatically slide in a posture that is perfect for working. And the good news is there are no straps involved. You can literally carry it anywhere with you and put it on any chair you are planning to place your bum on.