Comfy Footrests For Under Your Desk

Did you know that if you have relaxed feet, this is the hidden key to productive work…

I am a hardcore white-collar worker, so I know what I need, what clicks and what is suitable for my body ergonomically. Only recently, I saw a guy who sat beside me go down in pain owing to constant backaches and overall stress he was complaining about. Things became really serious when he got to a point where he couldn’t move. He had to be treated by a chiropractor instantly.

And what did ergonomics have to do with? His chair just that wasn’t right, but ergonomically there were many things wrong. When the working environment isn’t designed keeping in mind such petty yet crucial key factors, ugly things like that pinched nerves and being unable to move happen. That is one of the reasons why I am really specific about the ergonomics that surround me, and why I make recommendations for you too!

I can’t really work if I am not comfortable enough to work, do you feel the same? Hence, a foot rest for your desk can’t be completely ignored as it just provides the top level of comfort. Foot rests are a simple, cheap and an effective accessory to add to your office. They provide comfort, allow for proper circulation and also proper posture when sitting for long hours.

I have handpicked these brilliant foot rest for under your desk manufactured by different thoughtful companies that give precedence to your health and wellbeing. This is the crux of a successful healthy lifestyle. Please pay the utmost heed to these most recommended, durable and comfortable office foot rests below.

1. Fellowes Standard Foot Rest

(Best Seller)

Fellowes brings to you an intelligently designed ergonomic foot rest that allows you to avail of crucial stress reduction whilst you allow your feet to rest on it.

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It has a textured surface that assures you get a massaging feel whilst working – how can you beat the feel of that?! You can avail of its two-position height adjustment facility that makes a silent promise of putting your legs in a super-relaxed mode just the way you want. It is also environmentally friendly as it has been built using 95% recyclable materials. Grab this bountiful desk footrest and say goodbye to foot fatigue forever! For More Information or Latest Price, Click Here

2. Foot Cushion Foot Rest

The semi-cylindrical design that Safco has manufactured is big and very different unlike the aforementioned. It has ample space for your feet to explore and unwind and is made of soft materials as to allow for easy customization to how you prefer to rest your feet under your desk.

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The upholstered design wears a nylon cover to pack in some thoughtful friction as you move your feet atop. It has a non-slip tread that doesn’t mess with your leg position. The weight gets distributed evenly across the comfort foot rest. This is an important point because this weight factor is what takes care of the excessive tension that you might be withholding onto your body due to prolonged working sessions. Something really rare in other foot cushions is the curved design which ensures your sole remains in a relaxed position. For More Information or Latest Price, Click Here

3. Kensington Footrest

A colossal name in the ergonomics department, Kensington makes extraordinary footpads. It is a name that defines luxury in ergonomic footrests.

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This adjustable footrest comes with memory foam that flings your feet and legs into relaxed mode instantly. It has a foot pedal control that steers the way you want it to stay without having you to leave the chair. It automatically adjusts based upon the way you prefer working with a mere push of your leg. Its foot-operated lock ensures that the chosen mode stays that way. It soothes all the pressure points in your body whilst you are sitting, giving you the most comfortable feel. This is just perfect for your working environment! For More Information or Latest Price, Click Here

4. Inflatable Foot Rest

A literal cushion that ensures your leg makes the most of a sofa like comfort, this inflatable foot rest is as luxurious as it gets. It is a packable, storable and portable product that can be taken along on the go.

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You can even use it whilst sitting on a sofa reading magazines. It inflates in a few seconds and comes in handy just as any foot rest would in places where ergonomics is a complete dud. I travel a lot, so I keep one just in case I don’t find the right foot cushion for my comfort-seeking legs. It pops up to my aid like a superhero. A word of advice, I also like to take this one traveling on airplanes so my legs are comfy during trips. For More Information or Latest Price, Click Here

James is my name and I am the 'ergonomics guru'. As I've written on my About Page, for years previous to now, I endured body pains of all sorts; shoulder pain, headaches, neck pain and back pain. I've transitioned my life (and my family's) from a non-ergonomic to ergonomic lifestyle. It's relatively easy if you have the right information. Hopefully this site will answer all the questions and provide all the information you need to live an ergonomic lifestyle too.

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