Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Are you having back problems caused by your current office chair that you’re using? Do you want your aches and pains to go away? Why not make a change? Because a change is what your body needs!

Have you thought about changing the chair you sit on? A change to ergonomic kneeling chairs or an ergonomic stool (they are also commonly known as either an orthopedic chair or posture chair) may seem weird at first thought and at first look, but really, there isn’t anything to be afraid of.

One of the newest trends in ergonomic office chairs are, kneeling chairs. AND they are super comfortable and are ravved by thousands of users online. These styles of chairs were very popular last year from 2016, that continued during 2016 and they are more popular than ever in 2017. They have a variety of benefits for anyone of any age.

If you are unsure what a kneeling chair is, read on.

Kneeling chairs are a type of office stool, however they are a type of ergonomical chair that has no back.

Some kneeling chair benefits include, to correct and improve your posture aswell as to provide ultimate comfort (the way they are designed is the natural way we are supposed to be sitting).

Note: If you are looking for a normal ergonomic office chair, refer to our post about Ergonomic Desk Chairs here

Here are the best ergonomic stools in 2016-2017 that have received great feedback from their users – you never know, you might be the next one who’ll be sharing your wonderful experience.

1. Flash Furniture (WL-SB-210-GG)

(2016/2017 Best Seller)

If you’re looking for an affordable kneeler chair that has added comfort and is the best selling wooden stool on the market, Flash Furniture posture chairs are your pick.

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This one is available in 2 different colors. Click here to view colors and price.

This kneeling ergonomic chair has a wide open-angle feature so your lower back is not only taken care of but your bum and thighs are supported aswell. Who would say no to that?

Plus, it’s important to mention here that not all knee chairs offer this feature. Aside from health benefits, this kneeling posture chair is made with 100% solid wood, which means that its strong and made of natural materials. Its dual wheel casters are also a great support to carry heavier loads, making it more reliable to sit for hours. If you’re concerned of fire safety, worry less! It is made of fire retardant materials also. All in all, this ergonomic wooden kneeling chair does not only promote proper posture, it has aesthetic beauty and safety as well – an all round favorite by many! Click Here to Read More or Buy

2. Work Smart

Looking for an armless office chair that specializes in providing maximum comfort? Well, the Work Smart range of ergonomic kneeling posture office chairs are here to take care of your needs.

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All Work Smart ergonomic stools with wheels feature memory foam seat cushions – and it’s not just your ordinary cushion. This material is known to relieve pressure points as it allows even distribution of your body weight over the cushion. This Work Smart kneeler chair is height friendly, so if you are tall and are having difficulty finding one that will match your height, the Work Smart kneeling desk chair will save you the trouble. No pressure, no sores, only comfort! Click Here to Read More or Buy

3. Boss Ergonomic Kneeling Stool

Looking for one which allows for multiple people to use? Perhaps, Boss’s ergonomic stools will help you. This one allows you to adjust the position to allow a variety of different sized people to enjoy its benefits.

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This highly sought after posture chair has pneumatic gas lift allowing you to adjust the knee height without any difficulty. Changing your desk? No worries. You can always modify the height to match your desk’s height. Since it has a black tubular steel frame you expect it to last longer. It’s a chair that doesn’t weigh that much – although it’s super light, its still very durable! Click Here to Read More or Buy

4. Flash Furniture (WL-1429-GG)

If you prefer an office stool that has no rollers for a more stable and fixed position, here is another Flash Furniture office kneeling chair that will give you what you want.

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Ergonomic-Kneeling-ChairThis ergonomic kneeling office chair features black polyester fabric upholstery and comes with handles for extra security. With a good quality construction, this chair will not sag as the polyester fabric holds its shape better than other fabrics. Moreover, as it’s fade resistant, your seat will always look brand new. Also, it has seat handles that will provide you extra support, making you feel more relaxed. Click Here to Read More or Buy

5. Balans Kneeling Chair

Sitting for a long time and want to shift position? That’s okay as long as your chair permits you to do so – the Balans chair does exactly that! It’s available in 3 different colors to suit both men, women, teenagers and children.

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The Varier Balans kneeling chair has an arched base frame which allows you freedom to change your position as many times as you want. It’s also one of the most popular kneeling rocking chairs with it’s safe rocking feature which promotes improved muscle tone and eases arthritis as well. These are the main reasons why it’s included here as one of the best chairs for posture purposes. It’s also been voted globally as one of the best orthopedic chairs for back pain. Click Here to Read More or Buy


So if you didn’t already know, your back problems are commonly caused by sitting for long hours and uncomfortable posture positions; not to mention the office chair that you’re using. And if there’s a way to undo that, buying a kneeling computer chair is a wise decision. Apart from allowing you to develop a healthy posture, these stools also prevent you from spending too much $$ just to get the comfort that you need. Why spend more whereas you can get a durable yet affordable posture stool? All the above orthopedic office chairs are the best ergonomic stools that receive great feedback from their users from all the kneeling chair reviews available – you never know, you might be the next one who’ll be sharing your wonderful experience.

What’s important to note is that not all office chairs are made to fit everyone and to suit everyone’s purpose, hence why some chairs make us develop back injuries, aches and pains.

Sitting for long hours and having an uncomfortable sitting position will no longer be something that you need to worry about. A kneeling stool that evokes healthy posture plus optimum comfort for an affordable price is not something that you’d brush off, do you? Orthopedic chairs offer a variety of adjustment features and seat materials, you’ll surely be able to find the best one for you.

James is my name and I am the 'ergonomics guru'. As I've written on my About Page, for years previous to now, I endured body pains of all sorts; shoulder pain, headaches, neck pain and back pain. I've transitioned my life (and my family's) from a non-ergonomic to ergonomic lifestyle. It's relatively easy if you have the right information. Hopefully this site will answer all the questions and provide all the information you need to live an ergonomic lifestyle too.


  1. Nason   •  

    Hi James. I’ve been reading about these kneeling chairs for some days. What i haven’t found out is about the total amount of time a person could spent sitting on them. Could this chair replace my normal desktop chair which I use 8 to 10 hours daily? I’m not having problems with my back, but the science inside these chairs make me want to use them. Thanks for any comment o recommendation

    • James   •     Author

      Hi Nason. At the start it may be difficult getting accustom to 8-10 hours on a kneeling chair but yes, a kneeling chair can replace a normal office chair for long hours daily. It will ensure your body builds up the necessary strength to sit with correct posture, something you should look at now prior to getting any back/neck/shoulder aches and strains.

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