How to Avoid Carpel Tunnel

Do you get tingling and numbness in your wrists and arms?

Many computer users who sit for many hours at a desk and in front of a computer can develop an often painful injury known as carpel tunnel. It can be referred to quite frequently in office environments with colleagues complaining to each other about their hand being tired and fatigued.

If you are an computer user, it is directly associated to the antimony of your hand and how you use your hand whilst working on a computer, basically, ergonomics.Carpel-Tunnel

It’s actually quite sad in this day and age that many carpel tunnel sufferers are going to the extreme and having surgery to relieve themselves of the pain and discomfort of carpel tunnel. What many people don’t know if you can be aware of the signs of it early enough you can learn how to avoid carpel tunnel completely, cheaply and without surgery.

What Is Carpel Tunnel Exactly?

The pain and discomfort you may experience if you have carpel tunnel is due to a pinched nerve in your wrist. Caught early enough, proper treatment and ergonomic equipment can stop carpel tunnel from progressing into a very discomforting disease.

How to Avoid Carpel Tunnel

Buy Ergonomic Equipment

How-to-Stop-Wrist-Pain-on-ComputerIf you are on a computer for longer than 2 hours per day, you will definitely need a few essential pieces of computer equipment to ensure you do not suffer aches and pains all over your body.

There is many ergonomics mice and ergonomic keyboards that can reduce carpel tunnel and any associated wrist pain, hand pain, shoulder pain or elbow pain from using a mouse or keyboard.

>> These are essential if you sit at a computer for long periods of time, EVEN if you don’t have carpel tunnel symptoms yet! If you have carpel tunnel symptoms, buying an Ergonomic Mouse and Ergonomic Keyboard need to be purchased immediately <<

We have provided a list of the most ergonomic keyboards and ergonomic mouse in the links above.

Hand Exercises

Carpel-Tunnel-SymptomsDoing regularl hand exercises allows carpel tunnel symptoms to be relieved, they are also important in strengthening your hands and wrists. However, please note, for long term effects, it’s best to substitute your current equipment with ergonomic equipment like I have pointed to above.

Simple exercises you can do:

Exercise 1: Simply, shake your hands regularly throughout the day

Exercise 2: Known as the ‘Armstrong Stretch’. Point your arm directly in front of you at shoulder height. Place your hand down at a right angle (fingers should be towards the floor). Place the other hand on your wrist to push the stretch. Repeat 3 times, regularly throughout the day.

Exercise 3: Place your hands together like you are praying. Spread your hands out but keep your fingers touching.


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