Office Chair Floor Mats

Posture is important, especially when you are working. If you aren’t paying attention to the ergonomics entailed, you are going to end up with a whole lot of body pain. If the situation persists you might end up making frequent visits to the doctor.

Hence, it is important you pay attention to all those ergonomically right things that make your life not only easier and simpler but also less painful. One such product that pays attention to proper office ergonomics, is believe it or not, a chair mat.

Office Chair Floor Mat: Why Do You Need One?

An office chair floor mat isn’t just a fancy thing that the multitude has been using. There are many benefits that it reaps in.

  1. To begin with, it saves your floor from scuffs and indentations that might come from regular movements of rolling tires on the surface.
  2. If you have one under your feet, rolling a chair on it takes 80% less effort.
  3. If you are not using an one,then with all that effort to move around, over a time span, you might end up succumbing to leg strain and back ache.
  4. Another great thing about using one of these products instead of carpets is that carpets often generate static electricity that could prove harmful for your data. Did you know that any contact with static and it might affect your computer system.

Now that you know why it is crucial to purchase this product, let’s find out which one will be best for you.

Top 3 Office Floor Mats

I have made a list of the best three you will find here:

Best Seller

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One of the best chair mats that you could find, this works perfectly with any type of chair and floor you have. There is literally no hassle when you are moving around sitting in your chair. It doesn’t create any kind of stress on your legs either. It comes with an extra protective lip that extends a bit inside the table. So, even if the chair goes well under the desk, it still stays atop the carpet chair mat. There are studded anchors on its back that help in creating a proper grip. It is designed to bear heavy weight easily, and is made of a very strong material.

Bamboo Style

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Free Shipping Eligibility (UK & Europe): Click Here

Another one of my favourites is this Anji Mountain product that walks in with the goodness and the freshness of bamboo. The reason it’s my current favorite is because it’s different to the standard chair mats for offices. Most people go for plastic, but I like to be a little different. It is quite alluring to look at, and stands out easily as a distinguished mat underneath your legs. The bamboo is super smooth to touch. So, even if you are bared leg, you are going to love its seamless feel. If you are wondering if it will be able to contain, do not worry. It comes with non slip dots that ensure there is enough friction when you are in a steady position. Maintaining it is super easy! I clean it with a damp cloth and it shines as good as new.

Polycarbonate Floor Protector Mat

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Free Shipping Eligibility (UK & Europe): Click Here

To those who are fans of the dark, Office Marshal comes with a Polycarbonate floor black office mat that has just the right thickness and super comfortable to put your legs upon! It takes all the pressure from the casters and absorbs it in its thickness. The good thing is that it is sound absorbent too. So, if you move your chair it wouldn’t make that squeaking scratching noise. The mat stays in place owing to its anti-slip backing that makes sure you carry out your work unhindered. Cleaning it is a piece of cake too. Moving around on it will curtail your stress, allowing you to show immense potential in the work you are trying to carry out. Say goodbye to leg fatigue.

Now that you know the best ones out there, it is time you invest in the best desk floor mat and make the right choice. Remember it is all about you trying to increase your productivity by decreasing body stress levels.

James is my name and I am the 'ergonomics guru'. As I've written on my About Page, for years previous to now, I endured body pains of all sorts; shoulder pain, headaches, neck pain and back pain. I've transitioned my life (and my family's) from a non-ergonomic to ergonomic lifestyle. It's relatively easy if you have the right information. Hopefully this site will answer all the questions and provide all the information you need to live an ergonomic lifestyle too.

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