Mesh Office Chairs

There isn’t just one reason, why you should go for a mesh office chair. It’s not only great for people who sweat a lot, but it’s allows for a healthier environment at your workspace. The mesh on the back side is like a ventilator that keeps channeling airflow, ensuring breath-ability. Apart from that if you choose one based on the ergonomics, you will literally forget all about pain. They are equally great to look at as well as they are the newer, modern type of chair to include in your office. These chairs help in amplifying the magnificence of your workplace. They are also considered as standards nowadays, and have seen a huge rise in demand over the last couple of years as people tend to move away from traditional leather, opting for more modern and healthier work space options.

With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that you only buy the best mesh chairs. I’ve come across these while scouring for one for my brother.

Mid-Back Task Chair


This chair is an example of cardinal element of comfort that you often see in every office nowadays. Why are people really going for it, you ask? Well, style baby! This is one of those evergreen chairs that would help you stand out, stay, sit and relax leg folded besides your desk. There is plenty of inclination this chair offers. You feel great sitting on it working. Its casters make no noise when you slide here and there. You can see how all the padding goes towards the part where you are actually going to sit. It is a thickened beef of plush. You feel luxury like you have never ever experienced before. Also, it has been especially designed to soothe your back. Your spine literally loves the touch of mesh. Bid your adieus to backache. Flash Furniture Task Mesh Chair is in town, and at only $80!

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AmazonBasics Mesh Chair

Comes straddling towards you another great office chair that has mesh written all over its back, AND AT ONLY AROUND $50!!! It is a mid-back design that is relaxing nevertheless. If you pay attention to the seat it has got its mesh design all over it too. So if you are perspiring its pores take care of that too. For those who are forced to spend long hours working, AmazonBasics chair serves as a perfect deal. Breathability is maintained immensely here. The height adjustment is entirely pneumatic which gets the job done in a jiffy. Seats are padded too so stretching is not a problem. The back side is gently curved and is in the shape of your back which allows you to simply slither into it without any fuss. You get T-shaped nylon armrests for added support.

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Office Star Mesh Chair

Take a look at this splendid chair; it would be hard to resist yourself from sitting on it. It comes with a built-in lumbar support and a 2 to 1 synchro locking control that makes it extremely relaxing to sit on. You could push its arms up whenever you feel like using it armless. So there is literally no hassle of removing its arms all the way in order to enjoy it without the arms. The first thing, however, which is going to catch your attention, is its amazing back support. Not only does it provide a great controlling mechanism by separating out the locker from the back rest but it also looks pretty rad. Talk about a throne like feel, eh! At a slightly higher price than the previous chairs, this mesh one has higher quality mesh ensuring there is no rips or tears in the event of heavy usage – a definite buy if you intend to sit for long hours and want a quality chair.

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Staples Mesh Chair

This is one of those chairs that flaunt 2 features that the others don’t. 1. A head rest! 2. Mesh for both it’s back and bottom. The head rest has been intelligently designed to cater your resounding relaxation needs. If your punishing work demands and squeezes more work hour out of you, this is the chair to opt. Because it lets you tilt your head on it, and rest for a while before carrying on your task once again. With that headrest you can kick out neck pain out of the equation. Muscle pain can be reduced with its help. The height of the office mesh chair can be adjusted as per your preference. Dimensions are outright perfect for even a large man to sit on. You can enjoy its breath ability as its holes are pretty big for the ventilation to happen unfazed. Put it in any room and it would sublime the décor with its presence.

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Other Options


Rather an expensive one (Check Latest Price), but it remains actually more popular than the cheaper one included above, its all because it’s from Ergohuman. If you haven’t heard of this brand, you are missing out! Its an excellent brand that ranks in the Top 5 of Ergonomic Chairs which you can read more about here. So, if you do have the money to spare, this is the ultimate in ergonomics and in mesh office chairs. It not only has a mesh back and base, it has an additional mesh neck rest aswell as a strong chrome base. It allows you to customize the chair as you please with many customization options available. It’s made of top quality materials to offer long term comfort that will last a lifetime of usage. It’s available in 6 awesome colors including burgundy, copper, grey, blue, green and of course black! Again, you can read more about the Ergohuman in Quality Ergonomic Chairs Here.

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Ergohuman-Mesh-Chair-1 Ergohuman-Mesh-Chair-2 Ergohuman-Mesh-Chair-3

You can’t go wrong wit LexMod – one of the highest selling brands in ergonomic chairs, including their awesome range of mesh chairs, available in 8 colors and a personal favorite of mine! A must buy at a rather affordable price for the quality provided.

Some other great buys, including in red and white are these at only $45 include:

Another high back mesh office chair which is popular, includes this one from Best Office:

This Lorell is another popular style with a slightly longer mesh back, priced at the $155 mar:

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