Seats to Remember – Best Ergonomic Chairs

Once long-lasting aches and pains catch up with you because of your daily life (time spent in front of a desk), there’s no going back… or so I thought until I was introduced to ergonomics. Why continue to suffer when you have ergonomic furniture that can help you?

My advice when looking to buy an ergonomic chair whether for work or leisure, don’t compromise safety and comfort on price. Invest in a good quality ergonomic chair that your budget allows. Of all the hundreds of ergonomic chairs available, I have narrowed down to only 7 of the best, highest quality and longest lasting ergonomic chairs to choose from.

Note: The ergonomic chairs listed below are 2016/2017’s latest and greatest, meaning that they are the highest QUALITY ergonomic chairs that you will find. Because of this, they are at elevated prices. Of course, these wont suit all of our budgets as some of us just don’t have the money to spend on a chair. But don’t worry, you can still buy an ergonomic chair at a more affordable price too. I’ve included a range of ergonomic office chairs under $200 on the site also, see below for more information.

Looking for an affordable ergonomic chair, read here (also updated for 2016/2017) > Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $200.

1. Aeron Chair

(Best Seller 2015, 2016, 2017)

First comes the Aeron Ergonomic Chair by Herman Miller (Check Latest Price). It has been the No. 1 ergonomic chair in 2015, 2016 and already in 2017 as it has received the warmest reviews from users, and it truly is, one of a kind.

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Aeron Chair Available in 17 colors and 3 sizes. Click here to view all.

The Aeron Chair has all the major qualities and adjustments an ergonomic desk chair should offer: lumbar support, assists with proper leg circulation, height adjustments, a tilt lock, soft arm rests (an advantage that isn’t easy to find in other chairs), helps support your lower back + an extra ergonomic neck rest to support your neck…

Do you want color variety? Well you’ve got it with the Aaron Ergonomic Chair – it is available in 17 DIFFERENT COLORS!! (View All Here)

Are you short, medium or tall in height? This Aeron chair is sold in 3 different sizes depending on your body’s composition, hence why it’s one of the best ergonomic chairs for all sized people: short, medium and tall people. Not to mention it is covered by a full 12 year warranty! Really, it’s hard to find a better chair than this one with so much to offer. For More Information, Click Here….

2. Ergohuman

(Top Rated)

The Ergohuman Ergonomic Chair by Eurotech (View 6 Colors Available Here), can’t be accused of being uncomfortable either. Known as a fully adjustable ergonomic chair, you can adjust absolutely everything to how you want it – it’s seat, arm rests, headrest and backrest (talk about adjustments)…

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Ergohuman Ergonomic Chair is available in lots of colors! Click here to view all.

Plus, the adjustments are easy to make and the lumbar support carved in the back of this chair will allow you to enjoy your time in all types of situations, be it at work or just when you want to relax. The Ergohuman is another popular and best selling ergonomic chair (as of 2016 and 2017) that is highly recommended by many customers. It comes in lots of different colors (view all here) and is made of high quality mesh. Its base is very solid and the nylon casters will allow you to move around as much as you like, whenever you feel like it. For More Information Click Here

3. Steelcase Ergonomic Chair

3rd on the list of quality ergonomics office chairs is the Steelcase Leap Chair (Get Latest Price Here) which is available in 5 colors (navy, black, blue, burgundy, camel and gray) and is Steelcase’s most popular selling chair.

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Don’t let the red put you off! The Steelcase Leap ergonomic chair comes in 5 different colors to choose from.

This ergonomic desk chair has a ‘Lifeback concept’ which is that it follows your spine’s shape to provide you with the best comfort ever.

With just a slight movement of your arm, the Steelcase ergonomic chair is easily adjustable. It can help you go backward without much effort thanks to its ‘Natural Glide System‘. You can also control your seat’s depth, lumbar support, the seat’s edge, seat’s base, lower back support and upper back support. It even has a temperature control feature; thanks to a thermal comfort concept (on the back of your chair)!

To all those who are worried about mother nature, this chair offers an almost complete fabrication with recycled materials! Did I just hear “perfect ergonomic chair”? More Information: Read Here

4. Freedom Chair

Our list now welcomes the Freedom Chair by Humanscale (Check Latest Price Here). If you spend a lot of time reclining on your seat, this is the best choice in ergonomic task chairs for your office. The only downside, it is only available in one color.

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Freedom Chair

The Freedom ergonomic office chair’s forte lies in its ability to go backwards with no pressure on your back, thanks to a highly efficient headrest.

If you spend lots of time on a computer, you have now found your match! The adjustable backrest also helps you comfortably sit on this throne of a kind chair and once you have that set for your proportions you might face a hard time leaving this seat… For More Information Click Here...

5. SAYL Chair

The SAYL Chair by Hermin Miller (Check Price & Colors Available Here), is yet another very popular ergonomic chair by Hermin Miller, has a weird name and weird design – but that’s why we love it! Most customers looking for an ergonomic task chair do too!

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SAYL Chair: View ALL Colors & Styles Available (the choice is endless!)

The Sayl ergonomic chair can be praised at first glance for its original design, which includes a concept called Y-tower (basically a backbone shaped in a Y that supports the mesh fabric). The SAYL chair (Available Here) is an astonishing ergonomic work chair and here’s why….

This top rated ergonomic chair (as of 2016/2017) has a mesh backrest which provides good support. The seat is also made of high quality fabric and, while the plastic armrests are not adjustable (but a little flexible and not giving discomfort), there are three recline options available.

There is no problem with assembly it either: just attack the upper part to the base and you’re done. All in all, this little jewel gives you a sense of freedom and is still covered by the Herman Miller excellent 12 YEAR warranty! For More Information: Click Here….

6. Embody Chair

Another Hermin Miller chair is the Embody Chair (Get Latest Price Here) with its 6 ergonomic functions and its 12 YEAR WARRANTY, it is one of the most top quality ergonomic office chairs to buy and a personal favorite of mine.

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What’s not to love about the Embody Chair? It’s also available in 7 funky colors/designs.

This popular and ergonomically designed chair comes in 7 colors (View All Colors Here) and has been specially designed not only to follow the shape of your spine but to support it too! The Embody chair is one of my top favorite chairs, but boy does it come at a price (Check Price Here).

I can safely say that Hermin Miller make the best ergonomically designed chairs to buy. All the possibly adjustable parts are implemented in this chair: the armrests can be moved in height and width, you can recline in all angles, your seat’s depth as well as position can be fixed in no time. And just look at that special design: we have come far in quality desk chairs’ scenery! For More Information Click Here….

7. LexMod Chair

At last, the pretty funky designed ergonomic chair of the LexMod Pillow Office chair may now take the podium.

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3 colors available to choose from with the popular LexMod Pillow ergonomic chair

The LexMod Ergonomic Chair comes in three colors (black, white and dark brown). Its seat is made of leather and its frame of chrome-plated aluminum.

As you can see, its style is one of a kind and I highly doubt you can find any chair looking this special (and comfy) at such a fair price (Check Price Here). One more thing that actually surprised me: the armrests are designed really well and they’re adjustable, which is very uncommon for a chair in this range. The cushions are specifically placed to help out your back and lumbar support is waiting for you right there! For More Information Click Here….

Best of Ergonomic Chairs

This article was intended to help you answer all your questions and give you my recommendation on the best in ergonomic chairs. But the type of ergonomic office chairs I am talking about are only the best best and most popular ergonomic chairs on the market as of from 2015 through to 2017. Here I’ve explained what the best ergonomic chairs for short people and the best ergonomic chairs for tall people are. There is quite a few to choose from and sometimes we just need a little extra help deciding. So there you have it, a list of the top rated and best selling ergonomic chairs for 2016 (and now updated for 2017) to assist in your decision.

The Ergonomic Way

Ergonomic-ChairsSo afterall, you may ask, “how exactly does an ergonomic chair help?

“Can an ergonomic chair help neck and back aches and pain?”

They sure can. Ergonomic chairs and anything designed ergonomically relieves you from the pressure on the most exposed areas of our body we have stated earlier. So through the use of ergonomic products, you can say bye bye discomfort in front of your computer, welcome a way to completely turn the tables on your body’s health.  Our bodies deserve all the best, and no cost should be spared when it comes to investing in the best ergonomic chair for your office.

If you haven’t started feeling the pains in your back, neck, shoulders and lumbar area… that’s pretty amazing but soon enough, if you do spend most of the waking hours sitting in front of a computer or at a desk, it’s something you will start have niggling pains from. If you don’t want a stiff back, sore neck and tense shoulders, the best way is to buy ergonomic furniture including an ergonomic chair, ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse. Ergonomic furniture and especially ergonomic chairs can change our lives for the better, as thousands of people continue to prove every day.

What you might save by buying a chair of mediocre quality, you may have to spend if any health complications arise. If you have already experienced the pain of surgery or an intervention on your tired body, you’ll know the advantage that a reliable chair provides. What can beat a chair that has a 10 year warranty and can last a lifetime (unless you have the habit to throw it out of the window every year)? An ergonomic chair’s cost will be covered by the duration it can be of use to you and you will enjoy the premium materials it’s made of for years.

A few people have asked me, what about back rest pillows, do I also need to buy one of these? No. When you buy an ergonomic chair, you don’t need to buy anything else. An ergonomic chair is simply all you need to align your body in the right position to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed in your natural sitting position. The reason why we have ergonomic chairs is because they align your entire body, your head, neck, upper back, lower back, arms, knees and legs in the right position to reduce discomfort and any injuries over the long term. It’s not just about your back – it’s about your whole body.

In Summary

So in summary, what do you think about these top rated ergonomic chairs? Are you going to grab the opportunity to buy the best in ergonomic chairs right now? One thing is for sure: once you buy an ergonomic office chair, it will make your working hours a lot easier to handle and there is no way your health will deteriorate anymore. If you still have any doubts about any of these ergonomic desk chairs above, contact me for any questions.

Once you buy one, you won’t want to get up off it!