Best Ergonomic Keyboard

Given that ergonomic computer keyboards are designed for comfort, why do people need one over a normal keyboard and how are they made? Besides their great design, one important reason why ergonomic keyboards are so popular is the fact that they keep us healthy. Yes, you read very well. An ergonomic keyboard (a.k.a ergo keyboard for short) will reduce muscle strain, risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist soreness and pain, elbow and arm soreness and pain that is from muscle fatigue and strains from using a normal computer keyboard.

If you are looking for an ergonomic keyboard (ergo keyboards), you would have figured by now, there is literally hundreds (if not thousands) of products to choose from. Here, we have looked into the best selling ergonomic keyboards, the most popular and top rated in order to cut your list down to a few. Because really, we only need one keyboard to do the job. These are all the best keyboard for beginners and also the best keyboards for typing, because if you have wrist pain from typing you really need to change your keyboard very quickly!

IMPORTANT: If you aren’t willing to spend $$$ on the ultimate best in best ergonomic keyboard then #1 and #2 are the best value on this list. If you want a top quality keyboard, i.e the best gaming keyboard, then look at options #3 & #4 as they offer ultimate quality but come at a price tag at over $200.

1. Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

(Cheapest Option)

I have had Logitech products for years so I do honestly believe this Logitech ergonomic keyboard is great value for money. However, I believe computer users deep down are either a one or the other, if you are catching what I am saying, you are either a Logitech customer or Microsoft customer – I’m a Microsoft guy. Here, the Logitech wireless ergonomic keyboard is a great ergonomic keyboard at a really affordable price that you can snap up for under $50.

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This Logitech ergonomic keyboard and mouse is on the cheaper side – great ergonomic products for your kids computers.

This Logitech ergonomic wireless keyboard is a great one to start with to see what ergonomic products are all about, or even a great ergonomic keyboard and mouse to add to the children’s computer without having to spend too much. It isn’t just an ergonomic keyboard that will make your computer experience more pleasant, it’s also affordable!

The product is named the ‘wave’ model, and I haven’t told you the best thing yet. It has a special addition, which is cushioned, for your thumb to rest. When you are using this ergonomic keyboard you will feel your palm rested and relaxed. You can operate the keyboard even from the next room because it can operate up to 10 meters. So, at under $50, this is a great buy. Find Out More Here….

2. Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard and Mouse Set

(Great Value Set / Quality!)

Personally, this is one of my favorites when it comes to ergonomic keyboards. If you want a quality Microsoft keyboard that is affordable and looking to spend under $100, then this is a great option. My wife uses it and loves it, you can read more about it below.

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The Sculpt ergonomic keyboard and mouse by Microsoft is a great value ergonomic keyboard that my wife currently uses.

My wife has this sculpt ergonomic desktop set and she absolutely loves it. Me personally, because I spend more time on the computer, I have the top of the range Microsoft one (the #3 one below, the Microsoft Desktop 7000) but none the less, this is still one of the best keyboards on the market right now.

The only downer for me and why I opted for the Microsoft Desktop 7000 for myself is because of the separate number pad with this split ergonomic keyboard. In saying this, my wife thinks that having the numeric pad separate is better so she can use it when she needs it or pop it away when she doesn’t

This wireless ergonomic split keyboard does have just a great design, as its very comfortable for your hand. The position of the wrist pad helps your hand relax. That means heaven for your hand, believe me! The Microsoft ergonomic sculpt keyboard has a special button that can access the Start screen with just one click. As I said before, this one is very affordable with a price under $100 for the entire set! Find Out More Here….

3. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

(Top Rated)

Microsoft labelled this keyboard ‘Natural’ for a reason; it fit’s naturally into your natural and provides for the most comfortable hand position whilst using a computer. If you spend almost all day in front of a computer (like me), then this Microsoft Natural ergonomic desktop 7000 keyboard and mouse is a winner! This Microsoft ergonomic keyboard and mouse is what I currently use and I wouldn’t look any further if you want the best keyboard that is a truly ergonomic to prevent/stop wrist pain, carpal tunnel and elbow pain.

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This is the actual ergonomic keyboard and mouse that I personally use.

The Microsoft ergonomic keyboard makes your life easier and the best feature about it, the keyboard and mouse are both wireless that has no interference. I must note that if this Microsoft ergonomic keyboard 7000, doesn’t fit in your budget and you are looking for a more affordable option but still Microsoft, look at #2 directly above, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse combo – this is what my wife currently uses and she loves it (most people that buy it do!)

Microsoft designed this ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse for comfort (and style), it has a soft touch and I longer have any more local hand pain. It is the No. 1, best selling wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse combo. Thanks to the laser technology you will be also able to finish your job faster because your hand will be closer to the mouse. It is also available as an ergonomic keyboard for mac computers.

This ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse has a 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology and don’t be surprised when I tell you that it can connect to the wireless connection without any virtual interference.

Your hand will absolutely love the natural design that it will feel like a handshake! You can use the keyboard & mouse on any system too. So, don’t even give it a second thought! This combo is on the pricier end but you need to take into consideration that you are getting the top of the line in both a keyboard and mouse, it will be a great investment that you won’t regret! Find Out More Here….

4. Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard

(High Tech)

Looks weird, I know right? But this ergo keyboard by Kinesis is actually one of the most popular ergonomic keyboards, it’s bought by many as its actually designed optimally for ultimate efficiency and comfort; hence why it’s considered one of the the most ergonomic keyboard available today.

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Crazy design but a great keyboard if you want an ergonomic one.

I am a writer and I spend a lot of my time typing, sometimes I get pain that starts from my elbow and finishes in my wrist. I think you know what I’m talking about. This kind of pain will distract you from your work. But, using one like this kinesis keyboard, you will be able to feel more relaxed and do your job.

The next plus is the advanced ergonomics plus on-board programmability. This split keyboard is compatible with any PC and Mac and it’s very easy to configure it because this action happens instantly after you adjust it. So easy, right? The keyboard has two-port USB hub and the USB devices can be hot-plugged safely. This one, I believe is only attractive if you want to spend a lot of if you are a serious gamer. You’ll need over $200 to buy the keyboard but you will have one of the best ergonomic keyboards that exist on the market! Find Out More Here…..

5. Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard

Next on the list is another weird ergonomic split keyboard but a highly ergonomic keyboard. Again, it’s by the same company as above, Kinesis, and is a great keyboard for under $100. Kinesis are a world leader in ergonomic keyboards and the Kinesis Freestyle 2 keyboard is nothing short of that, a very popular ergonomic keyboard indeed.

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Another top of the line ergonomically designed keyboard by Kinesis

The incredible thing about this ergonomic keyboard is the fact that it’s divided in two parts. This keyboard’s design is just brilliant as you an adjust the keyboard in any way that is more comfortable for you.

This is such an awesome option for those of you who desire to place a trackball, touchpad or a separate 10-key between the modules. The keyboard also comes with an affordable price of around $100. You must think about your comfort and your health. Find Out More Here


So what does a product really mean (or a keyboard for that matter) when it says it is an ‘ergonomical keyboard’. Keyboard ergonomics is all about (apart from the fancy name) ensuring your hands are in the most comfortable position when typing.

An ergonomic product is designed for people’s comfort. Ergonomics help people to maximize productivity by reducing discomfort. Ergonomic products are a great invention that have helped us work better and faster.

So, my dear readers, I hope I have helped you to choose the best ergonomic computer keyboard that fits your needs. If you want to read more ergonomic keyboard reviews, click the ‘find out more’ on each keyboard above. These are the most popular ergonomic keyboards that exist on the market. To be honest, I like them all! I am sure everyone’s hands desire to be put on any of these comfortable keyboards. Take your pick and enjoy the new found comfort!